Server Up to Date!

Wonkster a posted Dec 20, 13
The server has been updated to 1.7.2! Come check out the new updates and explore what Minecraft has to offer in this new update!
[PVT] 5nakeEy3s Is there anyway else to get private PLS ive been playing for forever but cant afford a rank and dont have the accounts t ...
[GEN] jordan030 tazclap aka tazcrap crashed the server how is he able to do this
[PVT] Flintstrike I dd all the free rank stuff and i still havent got my free rank, it has been almost a month now.

Zombie Update is Here!

Wonkster a posted Sep 15, 13
The both anticipated and unanticipated zombie update has arrived! Zombies will now do anything to get to you, from breaking multiple kinds of blocks to leaping from cliffs. They do not take fire damage either so will not burn out in the day. All we can say is good luck. And try looking at the guide for some helpful tips!
MysticDraconis x Sometimes i cant join the server either Gevs, its just the connection you have to the server. Nothing to be worried abou ...
[Pres] DKKila Probs your internet/computer.
[Pres] Gevz Sometimes I cant join the server idk why?
There are rumors spreading that zombies have been seen breaking through walls to get to their targets, and that these zombies are now faster too... Some say they even pick up the scent of the living from hundreds of blocks away and will stop at nothing to dig their teeth into your warm living flesh... 

Basically, Zombie Update Notes can soon be found on the guide page.
[PVT] Jay11682 Why is the server down?
Alpha_Sniper3 Would they be able to break through redstone blocks?
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